I legit don't have words for this shoot. I've been trying to come up with the perfect thing to say and I really believe the photos just speak for themselves. However, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped make this happen. I'm still so blown away by it all and I'm obsessed with the photos. It was magical. 

Living in Eastern Washington, when it's wedding season, about 95% of the time there is a field and a barn involved, which isn't bad. But Spokane DOES have an urban feel to it and can even be classy. You don't have to do the barn and the wheat can do the sleek and the industrial and have a killer time doing it. 

I'm a big advocate for local creative business owners and I knew exactly who I wanted to be a part of this and thanks to Overbluff, I met two incredible wedding stylists! And to spare you from reading too much longer, here's everyone that blew my mind and went above and beyond. Make sure to go and follow them on their social media outlets and of course, hire them. You won't be disappointed! 

VENUE // Overbluff Cellars 


DRESS // Cameo Bridal

CAKE // Carnival Cookie & Cakery

HAIR & MAKE UP // Maud Artistry

FLOWERS // Briar & Bloom 

BOTTLE OPENER // Jensen Handcrafted 

MODELS // Hannah & Alex 




The meeting of creative minds can be explosive and I'm sitting here trying to come up with the words that will do this collaboration justice.

Kristina, the creative genius behind this awesome shoot, is the book nerd behind Beauty and Heartbreak and is also one of the talented makeup artists at Maud. This shoot was inspired by one of her recent reads, A Court of Thorns and Roses. She wanted to create the main character and what started out as just a simple studio shoot, turned into a "nah, we've got to take this outside" shoot.

We brought in one of my favorite models to shoot, Haley and on a recent meeting of a new up and coming Spokane florist, Desiree, from Briar and Bloom.

Desiree went above and beyond what we envisioned. Seriously, this girl is legit. We threw her a couple of ideas and then just let her have creative freedom. The crown was perfect and not to mention she was a great reflector holder.

I love natural light so much because it's unpredictable and ever changing. The light was all over the place and I loved utilizing what we were given. I don't usually use a reflector either, but gold was a big part of our inspiration and wanted to throw some warm tones in there.

We knew we needed to document this whole process, so not only do you get to see the final product, but a behind the scenes video!

Happy Friday!