Ohhhhhhh man! I'm SO excited about this session. I've been wanting to do this for a while and Joe & Kate were the perfect couple to do this with.

So what is a Love Session? It's a very simple and calm session in bed. Yup. In bed. But it's not what you think. It's an expression of your quiet moments. Of the simple touches and looks.

If you're thinking about doing this, you should. Email me and let's chat about it!


I've tried writing about this shoot three times this morning and I just can't put into words how much I love it or even why I love it so much. My thoughts are a bit all over the place today and I'm just too excited about what Miss A and I created together. 

It's simple and breathtaking.


Oh 2015, what a trip you have been.

This last week I have been reminding myself of what life has been like in the last 12 months and I’m truly blown away and humbled and incredibly excited for 2016 (and maybe a little terrified too).

Thank you so much to all of those who have been a part of #thelifeoftess and for continuously supporting and loving me through this adventure. 


Ahhh this was incredible to say the least. Everything flowed together perfectly! Collaborating with Maud and Miss K was a match made in heaven. 

Boudoir photography will always be a favorite of mine and there are some things in the works right now that I can't wait to share. The best part about it all is watching the transformation of a woman and her confidence going from shy and unsure to her taking on the world. 

If you're thinking about it....we should talk!!!