I’m not one for being put in a box and that makes it hard to answer the question, “What kind of photography do you do?”. The easiest way for me to really answer that is, well, I photograph what I see. That’s what I do best. Whether that be at your wedding, in your home or doing something super creative.

I chase down light, wait for the perfect shadows to fall and put you in odd places to capture the perfect photo. Sometimes that means I move quick and other times not so much. Photography is often times about being patient and waiting for the right moment. Over the years I’ve learned to be intentional and methodical about how I work and take a photograph.

Perspective is what separates photographers, even beyond skill. I take great pride in how I see things and it’s one of my greatest joys to show someone themselves in a way that they do not see.


The truth is, I’m not for everyone and that’s more than ok. If you’re looking for more traditional portraits or looking for a deal,  I can tell you right now that I’m not the right photographer for you.

My ideal client is someone who understands the value of what I do and the process that I go through to get you quality imagery. Someone who is excited to have me be a part of their life and trusts me enough to do what I do best.

My ultimate goal is to give you photos that will last a lifetime and I can’t do that if we are not on the same page.