Support letters are incredibly hard to write. At this point in the game, you are more than aware of what I’m going to be asking. And I’m being incredibly sincere in asking for your support for this year’s Guatemala trip.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to go back! It’s amazing to me that I have a built a relationship with a group of people from a completely different culture and language in 5 years and we’ve maybe spent a total of 40 days together. The bond that is created in serving alongside a group of people is truly indescribable.

Most of the team this year is alumni. There’s 10 of us and 7 have been before. That’s how important the people of La Mision are to us and once you’ve gone once, you have to keep going.

One of the best things about this trip is what I can personally give the team in Guatemala. Every year I have been bringing my camera and have been able to give La Mision the photographs. It’s become a huge part of why I go. It blesses them in a unique way and in a way I never considered.

When you give, whether that is financially, through textile donations for clothing drives or garage sales, you are helping me and the team get to work.

Our trip this year is August 19th-28th and all $2500 is due by June 30th. Not going to lie, that makes me a bit nervous, but God knows and is way bigger than I am.

I honestly don’t want you to feel pressure to give, more than anything, I would love for you to keep the team and I in your prayers. Crazy life stuff always happens, which makes for awesome stories, but also high blood pressure.

If donating is something that you would like to do this year, here are the ways you can!

  1. Textile Drive (clothes, blankets, small housewares): Now through May 13th. You can drop off at Eastpoint during the week or I can always meet up with you and pick up what you have.

  2. Garage Sale: If you don’t have time to clean things out before the textile drive, my mom and I are doing our annual Guatemala Garage Sale on June 23rd and are looking for gently used items to be sold.  

  3.  Pictures for G-Town: You can have your photos taken by me and all the proceeds will go to my trip and you will still get your tax write off. $25 will get you 2 digital images, $50 will get you 4 digital images and anything over $100 will get you a mini in-home lifestyle session. To sign up, just email me & we can schedule a time (no more than 4 people outside of your immediate family).

  4. Financially: This is a given, but if that is something you’d like to do, you can do it online at under the “Give” tab, click on the Missions drop down and put my name in the “Notes” section. Or you can give cash or check. Either way, there is a tax write off waiting for you.

Thank you for even taking the time to make it this far into my spiel and for the continuous support you’ve given me in my life adventures. Thank you isn’t even enough and I’m eternally grateful for you.

If you have any questions about the trip, about how to donate or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me.