just a boss with orders, her camera & dog. 

Here are a few things you might find worth knowing about me…

My real name is actually Theresa, but everyone (except for family) calls me Tess (a nickname that fits the me I see). Besides being a music junkie, a classic movie buff, and a foodie, there are three basic fuels that power my engine, coffee, wine, and whiskey (and I’m talking the good stuff too). I come from a creative family of artists and musicians. One brother is a graphic designer and the other is a videographer/producer.

My art and passion however, is photography! It gives me a chance to help people see joy, strength, change and beauty in themselves and in life. I love using light and angles, combined with colors and shade. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the jungles of Guatemala, or in your living room, I will chase the light around just to get the perfect shot, so be ready to move with me.

Lastly, my only child, at this time, is a sweet little Jack Russel/Pomeranian mix named Ginger, whose passion for playing fetch, rivals my passion for photography.