“Boudoir”…it’s a scary word for some, but the reality is that it does a wonderful thing for your soul. It’s not about sex, it’s about YOU…as a woman. Liberate yourself.



60 minute session | 40 final edited images | 2 outfit changes | 1 location



Hair & Make up | 60 minute session | 40 final edited images | 2 outfit changes | Studio Rental


  • Unless you are a makeup and a hair guru, I highly recommend hiring a professional. It will help your stress level and you know you’re gonna leave lookin’ fly. If you need some recommendations on who to go to, I gotchu!

  • I get asked all the time what to wear. I personally LOVE black, but it’s really up to you. Pick your favorites, ones that accentuate your curves in all the right places and colors that does wonderful things for your skin.

  • I also get asked about the where. It’s really up to you, if your home has great light we can do it there. Or if getting everyone out of the house is really difficult, you can book a hotel room or we can talk about booking a studio space for the day.

  • The week of your shoot you will want to up your water intake and decrease your salt. Trust me your skin will thank you. Speaking of skin, don’t try any new products or routines until you know how your skin will react.

  • The day of your shoot you will want to wear loose fitting clothes…even down to your underwear. It will reduce the red marks on your skin.

  • Above all else, try and relax. Think of it like a spa day…it’s all about you. Glam yourself up, let yourself believe that you are in fact a gorgeous creature.